Chateau Tour Saint Pierre
Saint Emilion Grand Cru
Chateau Tour Saint Pierre, Saint Emilion Grand Cru

In the 17th century, geographer Cassini painted a map under the assistance of French Emperor Louis XV on which Vachon (now known as Chateau Tour Saint Pierre) could be found. The chateau is located in Saint-Emilion in the northeast of Bordeaux, France’s largest and oldest wine region. The first bottle of wine in France was produced here following the start of the Roman occupation in 56 BC. Since 1928, successive owners of Chateau Tour Saint Pierre had come from the Goudineau family of the major of Saint-Emilion whose members had run the vineyard for 15 generations.


Saint-Emilion is located in the sandy dunes near the Dordogne River, France’s most beautiful natural waterway, and is divided into highland and flatland sub-areas. Chateau Tour Saint Pierre is situated on the northeast slope of Saint-Emilion and boasts a unique geography that makes the vineyard’s growing conditions are the best in the whole of Saint-Emilion. Factors such as excellent drainage and ventilation and better exposure to sunlight are all very beneficial for the ripening of grapes. More importantly still, Saint-Emilion’s clay slopes have a unique, highly complex and varied soil composition whose gravel, siliceous clay and limestone make up is particularly suited to producing truly world-class wines.


Merlot, the main grape variant used to produce Saint-Emilion wines, are famed for their deep rich colour and tend to ripen earlier than the fruit from other regions. When fermented, Saint-Emilion reds are dark with not too strong tannins and solid bodies that reward drinkers with a strong fruity aroma and a mellow finish. Saint-Emilion itself can be roughly divided into highland and flatland areas. Highlands’ grapes boast a mellow, rich taste, while grapes from the flatlands are more delicate. Planted with 80% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon and 10% Cabernet Franc, reds hailing from the vineyard of Chateau Tour Saint Pierre balance both characteristics perfectly.
Chateau Tour Saint Pierre’s owner invited world renowned French winemaker and core member of the French wine team Oenoteam, Stéphane Toutoundji. After graduating from Bordeaux National Wine Institute in 1990, Stéphane worked in Australia for two years. Before partnering with Gilles Parquet in 2002, Stéphane had provided expert technical guidance to over 10 well-known wineries. By 2018, Gilles had passed the winemaking baton to Stéphane who then became the new generation leader of Oenoteam which has the most professional laboratory for winemaking techniques of any winery in France. In order to increase the collectability and long-term value of red wines bearing the Chateau Tour Saint Pierre appellation, the vineyard’s new owners and winemaker insist on manual vinification and use 100% new oak barrels to store their wines for at least 18 months. The finishing touch comes when specially applied 24K gold is printed on each thick glass bottle. This not only minimizes the possibility of counterfeiting, but also adds to each wine’s noble uniqueness.

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  • Gold Medal – Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, 2016

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