Chateau Grande Antilope
Pomerol AOC
Chateau Grande Antilope, Pomerol AOC

Though only 2.34 hectares in size, the Pomerol-based vineyard of Chateau Grande Antilope produces an astonishing 10,000 bottles annually. Pomerol is situated in the eastern part of Bordeaux close to the prestigious vineyard of Chateau Saint-Emilion. Although it is the smallest producing area in Bordeaux, this property is famous for producing top-quality wines whose excellent quality and limited production make them highly prized amongst expert oenophiles worldwide. The area’s grape growing and winemaking history dates back to the first century BC when Romans occupied local lands and introduced grape growing techniques. The predecessor Chateau Grande Antilope was one of the 30 chateaux that made Pomerol famous. The area’s Lespine family have been brewing wines by traditional methods here since the 18th century for five generations. Wines fermented and bottled locally were only available to family members and their neighbours.


Chateau Grande Antilope is located in the Pomerol region between the Barbanne and Taillas rivers. Adjacent to Bordeaux’s ultra-prestigious vineyards at Chateau Petrus and Chateau Le Pin, this property’s unique terroir provides optimal conditions for producing quality wines. The soil here is mainly gravel and sandy with a high sand content that makes the grapes grown here both light and soft. Laying on relatively high terrain, the sandy clays of Chateau Grande Antilope are ideal for growing Merlot grapes. This unique terroir condition distinguishes Merlot wines produced here from those produced anywhere else. Their delicate and elegant mouthfeel is ultimately what gives the red wines of Chateau Grande Antilope such uniquely distinctive characteristics.


Unlike longer established and better known wine-producing areas, Pomerol has no ranking or classification system, except AOC. Despite their comparative newness, the region’s wines continue to be renowned for their superb quality. Given the scarcity of suitable growing conditions, grape yields in Pomerol are low. As grapes here remain so precious, Chateau Grande Antilope uses human hands at every stage of the picking and fermentation process before aging its wines in 100% new oak barrels. Chateau Grande Antilope is run by the famous brewing master Stéphane Toutoundji, and has been planted with 80% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon and 10% Cabernet Franc. The body of wines produced here retains Pomerol grape characteristics. With their trademark rich and fresh fruit aroma, these wines are smooth and meticulous with a lengthy and lingering aftertaste. As Chateau Grande Antilope wines’ bouquets evolve over time, bottles can be aged for at least 20 years and so offer excellent investment potential.

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  • Gold Medal – Concours International de Lyon 2016 Medaille

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